In 2012, I did a site specific action. I uncoiled a thread of hair (One) and straightened it out along the DIVORCE STREET (La Calle del Divorcio) in Bogota, Colombia. The name of the street implies a separation, the split between things that were tied together before.

I realized there was a curious relationship between the name of this street and the current reality of the place. This street is located in Bogota's downtown, just aside the city's main square, la Plaza de Bolivar (Bolivar's Square), which also is the core of the political power of the whole country. I noticed that the end of the street was San Victorino, a neglected neighborhood with a different kind of power dominance. Suddenly this street became a symbol of a rupture of interests and the fissuring in the ethical compass at the hands of power.  I decided to tie up these separate places with an invisible horizon: a single thread of hair made up by thousands of hairs from different persons. 


This is an horizon intended to break through the power vertical shape, without being seen.


Record of Events


Wednesday January 18th, southwest corner of the Plaza de Bolivar, 9:00 am:


Outstanding Events


- The hair in the street is invisible, I look like a mime. Viewing the hair in public space is very difficult, a very different task from that of knotting hairs in the studio with the protection of a white backgdrop.


- The single hair constantly breaks but it remains uptight due to that it entangles in the clothes of passers.


- A police officer watches the event with suspicion but says nothing because sees nothing.