Sisyphus, the Greek mythology character, was condemned by the gods to lose his sight and push a boulder uphill to the top, only to see it fall again over and over again. The condemnation of hopeless perseverance of Sisyphus, is presented as the draftsman's situation, who faces a barren area where he deposits lines as decisions. The draftsman, like sisyphus, constantly changes the image of the world in minimum proportions.


Drawings as actions, such as the composition of a Cartesian plane where the confluence of four bodies is a knot made by four hairs; thousand anonymous hairs one beside the other building an homogeneous surface; the persistent search for the straight line by doing writing exercises; joining the ends of paper to get a tridimentional drawing, among others.


Charcoal and Sumi - E 'Washi' Paper

Regular head sized



HEADS is a work in progress where I make drawings of faces I bear in my memory. Through the act of joining the ends of paper and folding it, I try to give a head to the face. This, to recover a sense of space for my memories of those faces.