3 Minutes




LOT is a video in which the body is supported by a weightless piece of land; the subversion of the image induces a feeling of an earth showering that rests on the feet (as if it was underneath them). This results in a tract of land with an area equal to that of the feet.


Vertigo distorts the reality of gravity. The organic need to cling onto something draws the boundaries of a land that ends where the body ends.


In the framework of the exhibition De Palmo en Palmo (2013), a fragment of the curatorial text of William Contreras: "(...) Turning upside down the gravity of the world (...), the body becomes a receptacle of the planet and an earth showering is held in the air by the feet of the artist, creating a mineral pile which reverses cosmic order: the human body contains the world only for a moment and in a small fraction".