Philadelphia, 2015 - 2017.


Un Muro y una Lengua - A Tongue and a Wall 

-Video excerpt-

HD Video and Sound Installation 


The installation gives account of an action that took place in North Philadelphia during the month of March, 2017. The action consists of a walk through the city where I dedicate myself to speak to the walls. I repeat constantly the phrase: "digging in me towards you", with subtle variations and alternating between English and Spanish. In close proximity to the wall, I say the phrase several times. The wall dampens the words, the sound becomes numb and the words are absorbed by the material making them difficult to understand. Held between periods with containing only sound, the video appears every time the action is about to occur. First an image of a recognizable structure house, church, fence-bridge- is shown for a few seconds, and then, as the camera moves closer to the surface, the image goes out of focus. The phrase is said and the image recovers sharpness to show the almost invisible stain of saliva, the trace of the action.


Hand sewn coat. Water drip system.

Hanging outside of Tyler School of Art's building.


Rocky Steps 

Video Performance.

Philadelphia Museum of Art




Tv monitor 32" with youtube's compilation of explosions in 2016, dead fly and honey.


Drown Poems I

Water leak, cinder block, candles and handwritten poems on paper. 


A Paper with handwritten words rests on a cinderblock. Between the candle and the a water drip coming from the ceiling, the paper is about to burn, about to be penetrated by the persistence of the water drops. The fire prevents the paper from getting soaked, the water prevents it from getting burned. 

Some of the sentences written on the papers are:

His wound is the peephole through which he spies them.

Your words are eroding the foundations of this building.

Pssst (Video-Documentation of book).

Paper, tape, pencil.


About to. 

Wood Sticks, chairs, cinderblocks, metal wire, cotton balls.

2016 - 2017


Stolen Video from YouTube, Pico projector Cardboard Box.


La Ruina del Habla - Speech Shambles

Burnt wood, water and drawing.


Tongues - Work in Progress

Paper, India Ink, scratches.


Like a writing exercise, the repetitive action of scratching the paper creates a tactile texture that resembles a tongue. 


Desk transformed into a table, handwritten label.


"This table is meant to be lifted by my tongue so it can be balanced"